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Superquick update!

Things are really quite wonderful. James and I are getting along marvelously and have been, really, since my last post. I think we really needed to have that heart to heart, even if it did hurt a bit. He's now wanting access to read my blog and my livejournal, not to be nosy, just to see what kinds of things I write about. My computer sits at his house, right next to his, he could easily access either site, but he chooses not to until I give the okay. I'm still thinking about it.

The children have taken to telling me they love me each night, or just at random, and I must say that it makes my heart swell up. I know they aren't mine, and they never will be "mine", but I do love them. They are more affectionate with me than they are with their own mother and that makes me a bit sad, for her. She doesn't want that kind of relationship with them though, she just wants enough to say that she was their mom and she took them to school every morning. That's really all there is. She can't even be bothered to brush the little one's teeth on her weekends. I want them to have a good relationship with her, I really do, but they can't force that upon her any more than I can. She hates me, too, but I just let it roll off. Surely someday she will look past her own selfishness and see that I am an asset to the lives of her children.

And, speaking of my family - we are making an offer on a house very soon. It's a charming four bedroom home, almost 2,000 square feet, not counting the full basement. It has a living room, family room, dining room and a sunroom also. This is good because we have a lot of computers and a lot of instruments.

Instruments! Today via UPS I received my brand new candy apple red fender squire jazz bass guitar. It's so beautiful and it feels so good in my hands. I'm in love!

Concerts. Yes, we saw Tesla - do you remember them? Hair band? - in Louisville last weekend. We arrived early and dealt with crazy drunk people in line, but managed to get spot right next to the stage. With more than an hour left before the show, one of the crew members started talking to us and asked if we'd like to sit on stage during the concert. !!! Of course, we did. It was an acoustic set, so they had 2 couches on stage with the band and J and I were 2 of 8 people who got to sit up there. It was really awesome to see what happens behind the scenes. The band members also interacted with us quite a bit. I was really happy with the entire evening, it was really cool to get to experience that with James.

We have tickets to see Chevelle in April and Lenny Kravitz in May - Yay!

School is insanely hard this semester. I'm studying more and doing worse, grade wise. I can say that I do feel that I'm learning more. And, on that note, I have a load of homework that must be attended to.

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