In No Particular Order
Where's The Cheddar?

Oh, it's right here.

1. What would you want written on your epitaph?
Nothing, just my name, birth and death dates. I would like people to wonder about me.

2. What do you collect and why?
I don't have a huge collection of anything, besides shoes. I like to keep any old sheet music or song books that I can get my hands on and I also collect elephant things, I guess.

3. What's the dumbest legal action you know of?
Seat belt laws. For kids, yes. For adults in their right minds? Why? If people want to be stupid and not wear them and increase their chances of dying in a MVC, that should be a personal choice. I, for example wear mine, but it would certainly help eliminate some idiots from the world if it weren't a law.

4. What single decision in your life do you wish you could change?
Dropping out of college the first time because I liked drinking beer every night. It started a very disastrous chain of events in my life.

5. Some people resemble their dogs, do you know anyone that resembles their name?
Yes, my youngest brother. People always call me a Jennifer. I must look like one.

6. What's your favourite / most used unit of time?
I can only make plans in thirty minute increments. So, my most used unit of time would obviously be the minute, but never just one, must be a group of thirty, and only exactly hours and half-hours. I can't think in quarter hours for some reason. Brain defect.

7. What's the best internet time device you've seen so far?
Fecky, no clue.

And that's this week's Cheddar. Go get your own!

Cheddar for $500, please.

I've decided to play along with Johnny Huh? at Cheddar-X not only because it's pretty nifty, but also because i'm hard pressed to find time and content to post until this semester is finished.

This week it's word association. I will bet you could have guessed that.

When I say:
Olympics, you say? = Athens
Politics = Vote!
John Kerry = Abraham Lincoln
George Bush = Liar
Osama = Yo Mama
Same-sex marriage = So?
Todd Bertuzzi = Huh?
Barry Bonds = Baseball
The Passion of the Christ = Subtitles
Beach = Nude
Britney Spears = Slut
Paris Hilton = Rich
Microsoft = Word
France = Paris
Hans Blix = Weapons
Linux = Linus = Snoopy
MTV = Bleah
Outsource = India
Hummer H2 = Gas Hog
Honor = Roll
Love = Hate
Courteney Love = Hole

I'm really not abandoning my blog, I'm just swamped with work lately and school always. I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it, and sometimes I believe it.

Survivor sucked again, too.

When T.V. gets ya down.

*note: If you watch Survivor All Stars and you haven't seen last night's episode yet, stop reading now.

I hate reality television, really, I do. Sadly, though, I can't seem to stay away from it. I find myself thinking that it's "ok" for me to watch Survivor, since it was the pioneer in all of this (other than MTV of course), but I still get very defensive when people make fun of reality tv as a whole. I watched snippets of My Big Fat Greek Fiance, Average Joe I and II, the Bachlorette, Big Brother, etc. I don't like any of them, but they sucked me in. I also keep up with The Apprentice even though I rarely watch all of it. I don't really have time for television, but I make time for Survivor and ER and I tape them if I miss them. So, really, I hate reality tv, just like everyone else, but I sure manage to watch a lot of it.

There is a point to all of this, kind of.

I was so unbelievably pissed off at last night's Survivor. My pick for the winner has been dismissed by my pick for second place. I think both of these boys can play the game very well, but how sad I will be to no longer gaze upon Colby's beautiful face. What happens now is the girls take over the game. The girls are unworthy whining idiots. Kathy is probably the only one I can stomach to take the win.

Thank goodness for those Shick commercials.

On the same note..

I just received my acceptance letter for the nursing program at my college.

Hurdle #1: removed.

Hand me the remote, please.

I'm sure you've heard many people wish that life had a rewind button.

I don't.

I wish for a fast-forward button.

With a rewind button I could go back and fix all of the things that I've done wrong. Spending all of my high school years with the psycho/possessive boy, getting engaged and going to this stupid community college instead of the university I was enrolled in, dropping out of said community college, getting married to that Very Bad Person at a very young age, maxing out six credit cards... twice - and a million other mishaps that should have been avoided.

Rewinding and redoing life since age 16 would seemingly fix all of my problems that I have now. On the downside, I kind of like the girl I've become and it's taken me awhile, but I realize that this girl is a by-product of all of those bad things. I've learned so much through my mistakes - I've become a stronger person through being mentally beaten down by two men and while I don't wish those types of things upon anyone, I won't give them back either. The experiences are priceless to me and the knowledge of myself gained through them is mine to keep, I won't give it back.

So, hand me the remote, please and allow me to fast forward two years so I can be all done with school and have a job I love and the finanances to start living a normal, grown-up life.

I miss you, puppy.

I just love reading about Nande, the new puppy of Johnny Huh?, but I hate it too.

You see, I had the greatest dog to ever roam the earth. Pardon my bias. Her name was Xena, a fluffy akita mix and I'd had her since she was a puppy. She trained easily, she spoiled quickly and she was truely, as they say, my best friend. My ex-husband got her for me to cure the puppy fever that I've had since I was about five. I squealed the same way I would have if I were five and getting a puppy on the day he brought her home. I loved that little girl so much. She did every trick you could ever imagine and she was never far from my heels. She kept me company when he left me alone so many times, she was just always there. When I left he kept her until I found a place of my own. That month was a pure agony for me and I visited her often. I moved into the country and we loved it there. There were times when I was annoyed by the fact that I couldn't do as I pleased and take trips because there was my dog to contend with, and then I thought of living without her and it was all worth it. Things got bad after a year there, financially, and I had some tough choices to make. Really, there were no choices or options, there was only moving back in with my mom. She doesn't like dogs. I think you can guess where this is going. They day I took her I cried all the way home, my heart hurt so bad. I felt like I was giving away my child, betraying her. The guilt still stings. I'd giving anything to have her nuzzle me, to hear her bark, to see her tail wagging as I walk towards the door. I miss her so much. I don't think about her a lot, somehow I can just distance myself from it and force myself not to. I know why I do. It hurts so bad to remember her.

These are awful pictures, but they were the only ones that I have hosted right now.

I'll end now, since I have tears streaming down my face.

Johnny Huh?, I hope you get that puppy love just like I did, I hope she's everything my Xena was and I can't wait to hear about her as she grows up.

My heartstrings have been pulled...

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A woman accused of kidnapping a 10-day-old girl six years ago has surrendered to police in Philadelphia and is being questioned by detectives, CNN has learned.

Carolyn Correa, 41, walked into the Philadelphia Police Department Special Victims Unit office in downtown Philadelphia just after 4:30 p.m. Tuesday with her attorney, Jeffrey Zucker, police said.

"We are pleased that this phase of a complex, protracted, and emotionally charged investigation has been completed with the subject's arrest," said Philadelphia Capt. John Darby.

Correa had been sought in connection with the kidnapping of the infant, Delimar Vera, who was sleeping in her room when a fire broke out at the two-story house in Philadelphia December 15, 1997.

Luz Cuevas, the baby's mother, couldn't find Delimar when she ran into her room. She eventually ran out of the house, overcome by smoke and suffering burns on her face. Her two other children survived the fire.

Remains of the infant's body were never found, and police concluded they had been incinerated in the flames.

The official cause of the fire was listed as an overheated extension cord attached to a space heater.

But Cuevas never fully believed her daughter died in the fire.

In January, she attended a birthday party for the child of an acquaintance and was struck by the resemblance of a 6-year-old girl to herself and her other children.

Telling the girl she had bubble gum in her hair, Cuevas was able to take strands of her hair in hopes a DNA test would prove she was right, according to Philadelphia police Lt. Michael Boyle of the Special Victims Unit.

A state legislator helped put Cuevas in touch with police, who launched an investigation and had DNA tests performed that confirmed the girl is her daughter.

Police declared Delimar Vera dead after a fire destroyed much of her home.
Police say Correa, a resident of Willingboro, New Jersey, a Philadelphia suburb, started the fire and kidnapped Delimar, whom she passed off as her own daughter.

Before the results of the DNA tests were in, officials placed the child in New Jersey state custody.

When police returned to Correa's home to confront her about the DNA results, she had fled, leaving behind three other children.

She had been a fugitive from multiple arrest warrants on charges that include arson, kidnapping and concealing the whereabouts of a child.

Philadelphia officials had ruled infant died in 1997 fire
Lt. Thomas McDevitt of the Special Victims Unit said Cuevas told police that Correa was a distant friend of a cousin of the baby's father, from whom she has separated.

Cuevas had met Correa the day before the fire, McDevitt said. Correa returned December 15, saying she had left her purse upstairs, he said.

The fire was discovered shortly after Correa left the house, McDevitt said.

It has not yet been determined when Delimar will be reunited with Cuevas.

Boyle said that when police told Cuevas about the DNA test results Saturday night she was "overwhelmed with joy."

"She sat there and shook and cried and kept saying, 'Thank you, thank you, thank you,'" Boyle said.

Police say they cannot fully explain why Delimar was declared killed.

Officers at the time found bone fragments they thought were the baby's remains, but tests later showed them to be nonhuman, McDevitt said.

When investigators returned to the scene, firemen had already dumped several hundred pounds of debris from the gutted bedroom in the back yard, McDevitt said.

The officers sifted through the debris but found mostly dry wool particles, which they were told resemble human ashes, but only those burned at 1,000 degrees for an hour or longer, McDevitt said.

The fire, which was confined to the bedroom, lasted only about 15 minutes and was nowhere near 1,000 degrees, McDevitt said.

McDevitt admitted this scenario is an explanation only "up to a point." On the other hand, officers had no reason to suspect arson or a kidnapping, he said.

In other news, did you know that we really do have "heart strings"? Upon my recent dissection of a deer heart in my anatomy and physiology II class, I saw and touched the chordeae tendinae of the heart, which surely do resemble strings.

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